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2014 Opening Day

Highlights and images from 2014 Opening Day at Whitey Ford Field

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2014 Regular Season

Random pictures from the Twitter Baseball 2014 Season.

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DSCF1446 DSCF1445 DSCF1444 DSCF1443 DSCF1442 DSCF1437 DSCF1434 DSCF1431 DSCF1430 DSCF1417 DSCF1416 DSCF1415 DSCF1414 DSCF1413 DSCF1412 DSCF1411 DSCF1410 DSCF1409 DSCF1408 DSCF1407 DSCF1406 DSCF1405 DSCF1404 DSCF1403 DSCF1402 DSCF1401 DSCF1400 DSCF1399 DSCF1398 DSCF1397
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